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Switzerland prides itself in being able to offer a first class education through its pre-university and post university studies and being the leader in scientific and business research. SIEPS offers services that can help you and your children find the right school or university in Switzerland. SIEPS provides administrative services for students & parents that streamline the whole integration process.
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BACKGROUND SIEPS was founded in 1989 under the name of “Service d’Information d’Ecoles Privées  Suisses SA”. The EDUCATIONAL Division of SIEPS has extended the educational information service   and created the administrative centre for students and parents, with a separate section of housing features, and, of late, added a job networking section and the possibility of  becoming an affiliate of SIEPS. Our extensive experience of more than 20 years in the Swiss educational services field and carefully selected expert collaborators in other service fields have made of SIEPS a “ONE STOP SOLUTION” for all situations associated with studying, working and living in Switzerland. DEFINITION SIEPS is a facilitator for students, parents, candidates, job seekers, professors, employees and employers alike to find information, assistance, and advice that suit best their requirements. SIEPS cuts across language barriers and works essentially in English, French and German.  SIEPS is not a school. SIEPS works thus in all objectivity with regard to its recommendations of educational institutions. MISSION The mission of SIEPS is to offer a fully comprehensive and quality orientated service to all parties with whom SIEPS interacts in order to ensure that the high standards and precision usually associated with Switzerland are maintained.
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