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SIEPS provides administrative services for students & parents that streamline the whole integration process. The search, the language barrier and finally all the legal aspects including the financial guarantees seemed overwhelming. I contacted SIEPS and they took care of everything including the financial guarantees! Perfect!
General Information Swiss private Schools & Universities. Client specific educational and legal advice. Student housing services. Guarantorship. Personal and corporate guarantees in relation to housing. Integration assistance. Administrative support. Translations. Job networking. Airport shuttle; other transport. SIEPS is your one stop solution, your facilitator and thus your central contact in Switzerland and beyond. SIEPS cuts across  cultural and language barriers. We work in  English, French and German. SIEPS offers a client specific service.
Key Operational Areas of SIEPS “ Administrative Services
Students need to be able to concentrate on their studies in order to have the best return on their considerable investment of effort, time and money. Such concentration is difficult to maintain when an entire series of administrative tasks pile up in need of attention. Cultural differences often lead to misunderstandings and such tasks become literally overwhelming if they are formulated in a language which the student hardly speaks. The schools assist students to a point. Many students (and some parents) turned to SIEPS for assistance. This happened to such an extent that SIEPS created an administrative centre for students & parents. Visa & Permit Application: Advice on handling the entire procedure. You normally compile the study visa application with the educational institution in which you are registered. However, SIEPS gives advice for the compiling of the application, or you may request SIEPS to take care of the entire study visa & permit application process. In such case, SIEPS guides you through the process, prepares all the documents and liaises with the educational institution concerned where required. SIEPS coordinates your various educational aspirations, if you have decided on more than one option and summarises all in a study plan which meets the requirements of the Swiss authorities.   Transport: From Geneva airport to your place of residence and other locations by arrangement.   Housing / Health / Accident Insurances: Housing Insurance. SIEPS obtains quotations on the following insurances linked to housing: Fire insurance: compulsory in most cases. Third party liability insurance: required by Real Estate agencies when renting housing. Household insurance (and your personal goods): can be included in the third party liability insurance, if you wish to take out such an insurance.  Health / Accident Insurance. Health and accident insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. Students coming from outside Switzerland may check with the Swiss Embassy/Consulate closest to their place of residence as to whether their local health and accident insurance cover, which they might already have, is accepted in Switzerland. If this is not the case, then please contact SIEPS or the school in which you are registered. SIEPS recommends health and accident insurance possibilities in terms of your requirements and the amount you would like to spend each month. SIEPS will arrange for quotations for professional cleaning of your apartment and coordinate the entire process.     Account Payments: Straight forward and at regular intervals. Delegate the payments of your regular accounts to SIEPS. For example: school fees; medical and accident insurance premiums, telephone and electricity accounts, residential taxes, accommodation and car rentals, traffic fines, pocket money. SIEPS draws up receipts and payment schedules for you to audit. SIEPS supplies copies of all vouchers. With one transfer to SIEPS, several creditors can be paid on time through SIEPS. Legal Advice: Through the SIEPS external legal team of fully qualified and practising lawyers, working in several languages and covering the following elements: Special permit requirements. Acquisition of Real Estate. Launching a company in Switzerland. Swiss naturalisation process. Translations: English, French and German for a general understanding. SIEPS cuts across geographical boundaries as well as language barriers as SIEPS is active throughout Switzerland. Translation of general administrative and other general texts. SIEPS has a network of professional translators for more specialised translations. Secretarial and Business Services: Ad hoc or complicated payments, requiring correspondence with suppliers, typing of assignments, preparation of presentations, correspondence, fact management, discussions and meetings, negotiations - either in English, French or German.
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