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The Swiss authorities may require up to three months to process a study visa application from the date such application is submitted to the Swiss Embassy / Consulate.
Applicants who seek to enter Switzerland with a valid passport from any of the countries mentioned below must be in possession of a STUDY VISA issued by a Swiss Embassy or Consulate before entering Switzerland for the purposes of studying only: EUROPE: Turkey and Eastern Countries, except Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. AFRICA: All Countries. ASIA: All Countries, except Brunei, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. OCEANIA: All Countries, except New Zealand. AMERICAS: All Countries. Applicants from All Countries are required to have a STUDENT PERMIT to stay in Switzerland for the purpose of studying only. The STUDENT PERMIT application form will be requested on arrival by the school official. The applicant can not be accompanied by other members of his/her family while studying in Switzerland. Family members. Partners/family members are not included in a study visa and can only enter Switzerland with a Tourist Visa. A TOURIST VISA does NOT satisfy the above requirements and does NOT authorise a student with a foreign passport to study in Switzerland. For information on the visa process, permanent residence as well as on work permits and business matters, please contact us or read more: Entry Residence and travel documents Visa Application Form Representations of Switzerland
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